Mark Jaffe Interviewed for BBC and Hollywood Reporter, Esq. on Trademark and Copyright Issues

published an article by reporter Rajini Vaidyanthan, about a family seeking to protect against online harassment of its deceased relative by obtaining a trademark registration for her name.  Although Mark is sympathetic with the family’s plight, he explained that the trademark application is an ineffective solution. because a trademark “is for connection with goods and services. People have to view the name as not just the name of a person, but a product.” Shortly before that Mark was asked by Hollywood Reporter, Esq. reporter Eriq Gardner to comment on an unusual lawsuit brought the Lost Boys of Sudan against Ron Howard and Imagine Entertainment. The lawsuit alleges that because the film has been created from interviews the plaintiff Lost Boys, the Lost Boys own a copyright interest in the film. In the article, Mark reiterates the importance of written agreements with participants in a film. Mark H. Jaffe is a partner at Tor Ekeland, PC, where he oversees the firm’s trademark and copyright matters.  He does not represent the parties in the above-mentioned actions. He can be reached at]]]]> ]]>

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