A Selection of Recent Press Mentions and Quotes:

Tor Ekeland spoke on the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC ahead of Lauri Love’s extradition ruling. September 27, 2016.


Tor Ekeland spoke with RT’s Harry Fear about Lauri Love’s extradition.


Associate Frederic Jennings was quoted in The Daily Good “This Indie Artist Shows Us All How To Stand Up To Giant Corporations” by Caitlin Murphy on 7/1/2016.
“The most polite thing I can say about [the company’s] argument is that it doesn’t make any sense,” as distinctiveness is a matter of trademark, not copyright infringement, he says. “Even a very simple design, so long as it’s original and creative, gets copyright protection.”


Tor Ekeland was quoted in The Kernel “When cybersecurity research leads to jail time” by David Silverberg.
“If someone points out that you shouldn’t be storing all that propane next to welding equipment, they should be rewarded for it, not prosecuted.”


Notable Mentions, Interviews, and Quotes:

Tor Ekeland was profiled in the Norwegian Paper, Dagens Naeringliv: “Tor Ekeland forsvarer noen av USAs mest omstridte hackere

Risky.Biz podcast on November 12, 2016 “US law: CFAA isn’t a bug, it’s a feature!

Gimlet podcast episode 43 on October 28, 2016 “The Law That Sticks

Teck.Mic “Tech-challenged federal prosecutors leak Steubenville hacker’s passwords, personal info.

The Atlantic “The Extradition of Lauri Love to the U.S.

Mark H. Jaffe spoke with BBC News’s Rajini Vaidyanathan “Sandy Hook: Victim’s family seeks trademark protection

The Washington Post “How a federal spy case turned into a child pornography prosecution

Bloomberg “The Lawyers in the First U.S. Criminal Trial Over LIBOR

BackChannel “The Troll’s Lawyer

Wired “Oops: After Threatening Hackers With 440 Years. Prosecutors Settle For A Misdemeanor

Tor Ekeland writing in Wired “America Must End Its Paranoid War On Hackers

The Washington Post “Third Circuit vacates convictions in United States v. Auernheimer

Rolling Stone “Anonymous Vs. Steubenville

Columbia Journalism Review “The lawyers hackers call

The Washington Post “As cyberthreats mount, hacker’s conviction fuels critics’ claims of government overreach”

Tor Ekeland in The New York Times “Hacker Case Leads to Calls for Better Law