Leading the field on criminal and corporate computer law issues

We provide experienced counsel in all areas of U.S. computer law, most prominently the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. We represent defendants in federal computer crime prosecutions nationwide, and regularly interact with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice across several jurisdictions. Tor Ekeland, who leads the firm’s CFAA practice, presents regularly on computer crime issues to other lawyers and at computer security conferences. Our corporate clients turn to us for advice on compliance with the CFAA and other computer laws, particularly the intersections with U.S. securities laws. As algorithmic trading moves to the fore and access to online information becomes critical to assessing investments and other transactions, we help companies design their online activities for compliance.

Lawyers who understand your technology and are focused on your goals

We help technology companies bring their products to the world. With substantial experience in licensing matters and uncommon technical savvy, our attorneys are equipped to advise clients on technology transactions, product development and approvals, legal and regulatory compliance, employee and contractor intellectual property issues, and end-user agreements.

Free and open source software, hardware, and data are critical to the infrastructure of many technology businesses and startups. Practice lead Aaron Williamson works extensively with businesses and community projects that develop and use free and open source technologies. We can help your company manage open source license compliance and bring open source products to market.

Surveillance laws, online privacy, and digital civil liberties have become important issues for tech consumers and service providers alike. We advise technology companies on their privacy policies, security policies, and responses to government demands for user data. And we help technology users and nonprofits advocate for user-friendly technology policy at federal agencies, such as the FCC and the Copyright Office.

Brand management, licensing, compliance, and litigation

Intellectual property is a consideration in nearly everything a modern business does, including forming new partnerships, attracting financing, hiring employees and vendors, developing products, establishing an online presence, and negotiating a merger or acquisition. We provide counseling at each of these stages, helping our clients to manage, license, and enforce their rights, and to anticipate issues and opportunities.

We are experienced IP litigators, and we represent clients in actions to enforce copyrights and trademarks and defend infringement claims, as well as in trademark opposition proceedings and domain name disputes.

Our international trademark registration and maintenance services ensure that your rights are secured everywhere you do business. But an effective brand goes beyond registration and enforcement; we counsel our clients on business practices and policies to establish and strengthen their position in the market.

Online services face unique copyright compliance issues. We help clients take advantage of the DMCA safe harbor for user-generated content, understand and assert their fair use rights to third-party content, and respond to cease and desist letters concerning IP infringement, domain name disputes, and rights of publicity. And we advise companies that use, distribute, and contribute to free and open source software on open source licensing and compliance.

We build solid foundations for our client’s products and businesses

We support our clients in building successful businesses, from formation forward. Our startup clients rely on us for advice on structuring their businesses, closing deals, and dealing with investors. We negotiate and draft shareholder, membership, and partnership agreements, as well as the gamut of deal documents from the simplest contract to complex private placements. Throughout the process we counsel our clients on regulatory compliance, whether under the federal securities laws or the alphabet soup of federal regulatory agencies, as well as at the state level.

When our clients launch new products, we advise them on securing and licensing their intellectual property and establishing agreements with vendors, investors,customers. We design policies and programs for complying with government regulations, and we guide clients through the testing and approvals procedures (such as UL and FCC testing) necessary to bring new products to market.

We also help businesses manage their workforce. We draft employment and independent contractor agreements and counsel companies on employment issues. We represent both employers and employees in employment disputes.

Our Media, Art, & Entertainment practice is staffed by veterans of the music, film & theater production, and publishing industries

We handle all kinds of media transactions, including publishing and distribution deals, license negotiations, and work-for-hire agreements. For projects in their early stages, we establish production companies and negotiate financing arrangements.

Mark H. Jaffe, who heads the practice, has written extensively on music copyright issues and helps clients navigate the complexities of music copyright, licensing, and publishing issues. He has advised and represented photographers, film and theater festivals, visual artists, music producers, and record companies.

We are experienced litigators and represent artists and media clients in copyright infringement, contract, and labor law disputes in both state and federal courts.


The firm’s high-profile computer law cases and clients include

United States v. Andrew Auernheimer, Docket No. 13-1816 (Third Circuit Court of Appeals), No. 11-CR-470 (District of New Jersey)

United States v. Matthew Keys, Docket No. 2:13-CR-00082 (Eastern District of California)

United States v. Lauri Love, Docket Nos. 14-cr-00258 (Eastern District of Virginia), 13-cr-00712 (District of New Jersey), 14-cr-126 (Southern District of New York)

United States v. Salinas, Docket No. 13-cr-01439 (Southern District of Texas) Nifty Fox Corp., et al. v. Druss, et al., No. 13-cv-2508 (Eastern District of New York) Deric Lostutter Matthew DeHart